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Monday, September 21, 2015

YouTube is my favorite pastime. The thing about it is: if I have to do work, I'll take a 10 minute break and then watch a video. You have to be careful about this, however, because it can get addicting--fast! I mostly watch beauty channels but I thought I'd share anyways.

She's my absolute favorite. She's so honest and sincere. What a sweetheart!

Estee Lalonde
She's so beautiful and her skin is perfect. I love her newer videos so much!
Jaclyn Hill
I watch everything she posts! She's a little bit weird but I relate so much and she has awesome energy!
Jessi Smiles
You might know her from vine. She's absolutely hilarious and you will actually pee your pants.

I have a toooooon of YouTubers I watch but these are the top ladies that I watch religiously. Don't miss a single episode. I hope you enjoy!

XO, Patricia

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