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Sunday, October 18, 2015

I don't know about you, but I'm obsessed with podcasts. I wanted to share a few that have been making the rounds on my phone!

1. Oh Boy by Man Repeller
Every week, this podcast features a successful woman. The episode is a casual interview between the host and the guest. I love this to listen to on the way to class because even though I might not know the guest, I'm always so fascinated by what they have accomplished as women and how they navigate the world.

2. Guys we F****d
This is a very explicit podcast, be warned. Basically, this is the anti-slut-shaming podcast. This podcast features two young women who explore their sexuality and their sexual lives. I think in this day and age, where sexuality is either applauded or kept behind the curtain, these young women are doing a wonderful think in just sharing experiences. Some of them are too outrageous for me but even then, I feel like I relate to their mentality and how they carry themselves.

3. Only Human
This brand new podcast is very touching. Every week a new medical-esque dilema is featured. The idea is that every day people are suffering from this disease/sickness/etc but they are only human. This is a very vulnerable podcast and so far, I'm loving the story style and the way it's being narrated. I feel like even if I don't have the particular disease/sickness, I'm still very touched about what's being said.

4. Savage Lovecast
This is another explicit podcast. This is hosted by Dan Savage and it's basically a very sex-positive podcast, regardless of your gender and sexuality. I love that this podcast can be very humorous and very serious at the same time. The host takes a few calls from people (about sex and relationships) and then gives them tough-love advice. Many of the things spoken about here I've brought to conversation with my boyfriend, as it is important for both of us to openly talk about sex. In addition, current event news and politics is discussed when it pertains to these subjects. Super interesting.

5. Criminal
For the lovers of Serial, Criminal is a podcast where, every week, some sort of 'criminal' act is being discussed. It can be as minor as stealing rocks from a national forest or as major as a murder mystery. Because it doesn't follow one story line, like Serial does, throughout a whole season, Criminal is for those who love crime TV shows and want a resolution at the end. I love that I can get some mystery and suspense but still have some sort of conclusion.

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