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Monday, January 4, 2016

I love starting the New Year with new makeup. Particularly, I love being able to buy two of the things that have been on the top of my list forever. I haven't played around with them yet so you get my first impressions. Check it out!

Those two items in my wish list had been Bobbi Brown Camel eyeshadow and NARS Madly blush. Both raved about my two favorite beauty YouTubers, Jaclyn Hill and KathleenLights.

The Bobbi Brown Camel eyeshadow ($24) is a very warm, yellow-mustard brown eyeshadow that speaks my name. This color is described as a medium caramel color, which describes it perfectly. It's matte so it's the best color for the crease or an all-over lid color. 

 NARS Madly ($30) is described as a seashell pink. However, to me it's more like a peachy brown color. This will provide a natural flush to my medium tan skin tone but on fairer skin it can be used as a bronzer. It has a slight sheen to it but no noticeable shimmers. Because of its neutral-warm tone, I can't wait to pair it with almost any look!

What are some of the things on top of your list?


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