ColourPop x KathleenLights Collaboration: Where the Night Is...

Friday, January 8, 2016

Today I'll be showing you the ColourPop x KathleenLights collaboration, Where the Night Is.... This is the second eyeshadow quad that Kathleen does with the brand. Her first was Where the Light Is.... Both quads retail for $20 or $5 per individual eyeshadow. 

ColourPop eyeshadows have an interesting texture. They're a mix between a cream and a gel but dry into a powdery finish. I recommend using a synthetic brush to put in eyeshadow. However, for the more metallic shades, use your finger to build up intensity. Each of these swatches is one swipe. These eyeshadows wear for about six to seven hours but even after the initial shock of the color has faded, there is a nice fade out. 

Check it out!

The first color is Porter, named after one of Kathleen's dog, is a warm burgundy color with gold micro glitters. This color has a bit of brown and a bit of raspberry in it and the gold flakes are minimal and you cannot feel them at all. Although it's described as metallic, I find that with wear, one can get away with putting it in the crease, as you would a matte eyeshadow as the shine is minimal and the glitter seems to fall off after a while. 

One of my favorite eyeshadows in this quad, Weenie (funny name), named after another of her dogs, is a true rose gold. This one is described as a pearlized finished, but I find it's a lot more metallic. This is a great all over the lid color as well as a spotlight color for the center of the lid.

My other favorite color, Telepathy, is described as a bright gold with green undertones. I find this leans more towards a chartreuse with bright yellow, rather than gold, undertones. The ultra-metallic finish is absolutely beautiful. Although this might seem as the least wearable color of the four, many beauty bloggers and YouTubers are making tutorials on it. If you want to see a post dedicated to this color, let me know!

Midnight, by the name, seems like it would be the star of the show but this is my least favorite. It's described as a black undertone with a bunch of gold glitter. However, I see more of a charcoal or very dark gray undertone. it's not as opaque or black as I wish it were. The gold glitter makes it a great color for all over the lid, and I definitely see myself making a great smokey eye with this. I'd like to compare the glitter with Porter. Here, it's a lot more glitter and I don't think you can get away with wearing it on the crease.

These are all the colors together. I really love this quad and I think this is a perfect compliment to your every day neutral eyeshadows. These can easily be popped on the lid for a day to night transformation.

Have you bought these? What do you think?


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