Monday, June 6, 2016

Summer To-Do List

I love summer. It's a time to reset, relax, and discover new hobbies or pick off where you left off. Because I'm going into law school, this is my last long summer before the real grind being. This summer I want to...

1. Glam plan! I'm obsessed with decorating planners full of stickers. It looks like so much fun and so pretty.
2. Read a lot! I want to read what I will probably not be able to read for the next year.
3. Write! I used to love writing but I didn't do much of it during college. This summer, I want to get back into it.
4. Go to the beach! I never go to the beach in Boston so I want to take full advantage of Puerto Rico weather.
5. Relax! I feel like I"m always doing something (like these to-do lists) so this summer I want to fully relax like no other.
6. Catch up on TV Shows! I have too many TV shows I left half-way throughout the school year. I'm looking forward to catching up and discovering new ones.

What are your summer plan?

XO, Patricia

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